Welcome to Specific Prestige

Specific Prestige is fully approved and accredited to provide collision repairs for Aston Martin, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Land Rover, Maserati, Jaguar, Volvo and Volkswagen.

All of our skilled team have received manufacturer training and routinely research and upskill on the latest body repair techniques for the different models of each marque.

Our dedication to quality workmanship is second to none, and we are confident that we can provide you with peerless quality panel repairs for your elite vehicle.


Specific Prestige simply put is the best panel repair establishment I’ve ever had the pleasure of having my vehicle repaired at, they are very precise with their work the front reception staff are also great comes from good management.

Joseph R

Excellent workmanship! Colour matching was spot on with OEM quality repairs. So good I couldn’t believe it was even possible.
Pricey but you get what you paid for. Highly recommended for those who are particular about quality bodywork repairs.


Repaired my much loved Landrover after an altercation with a kangaroo. Everything was done exactly as promised and on time. Car came back looking like I had just driven it out of the showroom.

Steve R

I have used Specific Prestige on three occasions and have always found them professional, attentive to detail along with good advice regarding my claim.

Paul B

Had my Landrover repaired after hitting a Roo. I just couldn’t believe it when I got it back. It looked immaculate just how it looked when I bought it 2 years earlier. No question regarding workmanship, absolutely perfect. My only gripe is that the waiting period is too long to get repaired (I waited 2 months) but once they had it, it was fixed in 5 days. Thanks for your work team.


Very impressed with overall service. My Car was repaired through them after going through VW recommended repairer. The car was presented nice and clean once the repair was done. After a week or two , when the sun was on a specific angle i noticed a small paint imperfection under the brake light. Very small and difficult to notice. To be honest it wasn’t a big issue for me as it wasn’t that noticeable but on a recent survey the company conducted I did mention it as a side issue. I was contacted and they were very happy to ensure i was satisfied, they didn’t make a big deal about not only that I had some scratches under my door that they happily buffed away. As a repairer i would recommend them. Thanks for taking care of my baby 🙂