At Specific Prestige, we know that you didn’t choose the car you drive by accident, it was a conscious choice.  The safety features and performance of the vehicle you chose were central to your decision, as were the level of refinement and the quality of the fit and finish.  So why would you want to compromise on those things when having your vehicle repaired?

Today’s luxury cars include a long list of sophisticated safety systems to both help avoid collisions as well as protect you in the event of an accident.  The structurally engineered components, the electronic systems and sensors and methods used in construction all play a vital role in producing vehicles of this calibre.  These complex systems are the result of thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars of research, so the manufacturers treat this information as closely guarded secrets.

Having unique relationships with the manufacturers gives us access to vital information, resources and specialised equipment, so we can ensure every vehicle we repair will meet the manufacturer’s same high standards it did when it left the factory.  That way, you can have the same peace of mind you had when you originally bought your car – we simply won’t repair it otherwise.

Your Vehicle Recovery

Each vehicle is examined in great detail. Our estimators prepare an in depth, fully itemized estimate using the latest computer aided and video imaging systems. This allows us to gain authorization from your insurance company to proceed with the repairs.

Alignment systems allow our panel repair technicians to repair your vehicle to great accuracy and return your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Now the vehicle is repaired in now needs to be painted. At Specific Prestige we have the manufactures approved painting systems covering their anticorrosion warranties. We always updating our painting technology.

Quality control
Now your vehicle is completed it is thoroughly cleaned inside and out together with a full systems check. Then your vehicle receives a quality inspection check before being given the clearance and handed back to the you…finished!